Best Karaoke Bars in Brisbane

Weddings are a time to bring people together – whether it’s long lost relatives reuniting or mutual friends meeting for the first time. For the bride and groom, it’s often a once in a lifetime chance to have their nearest and dearest all in the one place, at the one time.

In the spirit of getting together, the hen’s party is just as good of an excuse to enjoy the simple joy of time spent in good company. No matter where you live, what style of wedding you’re hosting or how many people you’re inviting along, we believe the biggest driving force of all decision-making during this time should always be about creating space and time for you and your loved ones.

There are plenty of different options you’ve got when it comes to your hen’s party, but there is one that takes the cake for us. Karaoke! This age-old pastime brings people together like few other activities. Nothing is more liberating than belting out a 80s banger or embracing a soulful 90s ballad, knowing that every single person in the room has to listen to you stretch for those high notes.

For karaoke hen’s parties in Brisbane, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice! The city is home to an incredible range of karaoke bars, with options to suit every taste, budget and group size. To save you the time of having to look through them all in search of the perfect one, we’ve put together a list of the city’s best picks. Read on to discover Brisbane’s best karaoke bars.

Top 5 Karaoke Bars in Brisbane

1.    Greaser – Fortitude Valley

Every Thursday at 9pm, Greaser transforms from an American-inspired bar to the ultimate karaoke destination. With walls adorned with vintage photographs and bluesy rock’n’roll vibes everywhere you look, it’s the perfect place to belt out a rendition of Livin’ on a Prayer with your mates.

On top of the sweet, sweet tunes that will fill your night, you’ll also have access to an epic range of food and beverages. Just like the décor, the drinks and bar menu are American influenced, with the likes of Pickleback cocktails and cheeseburgers to line the stomach. The cherry on top is the burger and beer deal, which will keep you fed and hydrated for just $15. If you can’t wait until 9pm for the fun to start, you can roll up earlier in the night for Greaser’s weekly comedy event too.

Address – 259A Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

 2.    Cloud 8 – Mt Gravatt

Cloud 8 is the self-proclaimed best karaoke bar in Brisbane – but we can’t really argue with the title. With a whopping 14 rooms, individually-themed rooms on offer, you can sing until your heart’s content with up to 40 of your closest families and friends. No matter your music preference, you’re guaranteed to find a track you love on the extensive song-list too. When you add in the disco-lights, it’s easy to see how people get in the mood from the very first minute they arrive.

As we’re sure the bride will want her moment to shine on the stage, you can kick back and enjoy the show with a beverage of choice in hand. Sip your way through the menu of beer, spirits and wine, before taking your pick from the eats available from neighbours David’s Noodle and Hot Pot. Did we mention that doors are open until 2am as well? Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Address – Westfield Garden City, Kessels Road, Upper Mount Gravatt

3.    Holey Moley – Fortitude Valley

What’s a wedding celebration without a bit of ABBA thrown into the mix? At Holey Moley in Brisbane, you can enjoy a good old sing along to Dancing Queen or Mamma Mia in the seclusion of your private room. While the venue may be known for its pop culture themed mini-golf, these karaoke rooms certainly hit the mark too.

After booking out your space, you can also upgrade your package to ensure it’s a totally unforgettable night – for all the right reasons! From adding cocktails on arrival to serving mouth-water dessert treats as intermission, the Holey Moley team have plenty of options up their sleeve to ensure your bride-to-be is treated like absolute royalty.

Address – 25 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley

 4.    Blute’s Bar – Fortitude Valley

Another popular Fortitude Valley haunt for karaoke-enthusiasts is Blute’s bar. This party pub boasts an iconic karaoke scene that kicks off every Wednesday to Sunday from 7pm. After rounding up your party-goers and arriving for the night, you can pull up a comfy leather lounge and warm up by listening to the stars doing their thing on stage.

If you need an extra push to get yourself up there, you can take your pick from the 14 taps on offer, sip your way through the cocktail list or give the extensive wine list a fun for it’s money. With the tastiest drinks on offer and tracks from across the decades blasting through the surround sound system, Blute’s guarantees good vibes and a non-negotiable boogie atmosphere.

Address –  Brunswick Street Mall, Fortitude Valley

5.    Music City – Brisbane CBD

Last, but by no means least, we have Music City – where you can take your Sing Star skills to the ultimate next level. This city CBD location has 10 rooms up for grabs, where you can sing and dance the night away with 14 of your closest friends or family.

The song-list is updated every month, so that you can show off your angelic pipes with all the latest tracks. But if old-school is more your thing, there are still plenty of classics that you can belt out too. The best part? Music City is 100% BYO with no corkage fee. Simply bring along a bottle of your favourite and you’re set for an epic night out!

If you’re ready to book in your hen’s karaoke party or you’d like more information on the options up for grabs in Brisbane, reach out to the Wicked Hen’s team today. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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Gold Coast Bucks Summer Activities

Summer is well and truly here on the Gold Coast. Though let’s be honest, there’s hardly a bad time of year to visit the region. Winter blesses the Queensland city with bluebird days, plenty of sunshine and crystal clear waters. Meanwhile, Spring is the season of rejuvenation when the local flora is out in full force and autumn sees the perfect weather for picnics by the beach.

In saying that, there’s something extra special about visiting the Gold Coast during Summer. Maybe it’s the inherent feeling of being on holidays, the hoards of locals hanging 10 on their malibu’s before work or the all-round friendly vibe at the seemingly never-ending number of surf clubs and pubs on offer.

With all that and more, the Gold Coast is the perfect place to head for an epic getaway with the boys ahead of your big day. The region has so much on offer that it can be tricky knowing where to start and how to spend your time. That’s why we’ve called in the big guns. The team at Wicked Bucks has played their part in literally thousands of celebrations across the Gold Coast, and during that time they’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks to help party-goers get the most out of their time away.

Whether you’re planning the party for yourself or you’re stepping into your best man duties, you really can’t go wrong with this pick. So folks, read on for our pick of the best activities and things to do on the Gold Coast for your bucks party.

Top Gold Coast Bucks Summer Activities

1.    Theme parks

No matter the time of year, a buck’s party is always the perfect excuse to make your way to the theme parks and get your adrenaline fix. However, when the sun is out, the skies are blue and the temperature is peaking, you’ll want to make a bee-line to the water theme parks. Thankfully, on the Gold Coast you’re spoiled for choice.

The two most popular picks of the bunch are undoubtedly Wet n’ Wild and White Water World. As household names across the country, we probably don’t need to spell it out for you. All you need to know is that this is the place to be if you’ve got a need for speed, a bunch of dudes looking for a good time and a groom-to-be to celebrate.

2.    Surfing lessons

It’s a world-known fact that the Gold Coast is Australia’s unofficial capital of surfing. With more than 70 kilometres of pristine coastline and a World Surfing Reserve that stretches between Burleigh and Snapper, it’s not difficult to see why people flock from across the world to try their hand at these waves. While many of these keen surfers will have the skills to show off in the water, these plenty of waves for those learning the tricks of trade still too.

For anyone looking for a calm and gentle wave, Wicked Bucks suggests heading south to Rainbow Bay or Currumbin. Both beaches have surf schools nearby that can teach you the basics, surf etiquette and surf safety information. For something a little more fun and mellow, you can also admire the coastline on a SUP board. Although, if it’s your first time on one of these, you’ll probably want to get steady on your feet in the calm waters of Tallebudgera Water before heading out into the surf.

3.    Get up close with the locals

While the regular Gold Coast locals are pretty friendly, there’s a special type of local that you have to meet before leaving – the furry kinds. For all the animal lovers and those who love to learn, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is simply unbeatable. During summer, it is a popular pick for everyone from young travellers and school groups to young families so be sure to pre-book.

Once you’ve got your hands on a ticket and you’re through the front door, you’re guaranteed to spend the rest of your time walking around with a smile from ear to ear. If you want to know more about the First Nation people of Australia then pop along to the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre, which is fully owned and operated by the local Indigenous community. After an action-packed day taking everything in, you can head across the road for a quick dip in the ocean or at Tallebudgera Creek to cool off too. 

4.    Take to the air

If you thought the Gold Coast was beautiful from the ground, wait until you see it from the sky. To truly lash out and give you buddy the ultimate summer Gold Coast experience for his bucks party, you’ll want to book him in for a hot air ballooning trip across the Gold Coast. If you make your way up into the sky for an early morning ride, you’ll get to see the sun rising over the rolling hills of the hinterland, take in breathtaking sights of Tamborine Mountain and Lamington National Park, as well as embrace the shimming ocean views dotted with Surfer’s paradise skyscrapers.

5.    Enjoy lunch with a view

When you visit the Gold Coast, it’s practically a rite of passage to have a beachside picnic during your time away. Thankfully, you’re absolutely spoiled for choices! With more than 70kilometres of coastline to explore, there are so many places to pull up and spread out a blanket that you probably won’t even know where to start.

While there is a seemingly endless number of options, the most popular pick of the bunch is Burleigh Hill. Whether it’s the incredible views, the close proximity to a world-class range of dining options or the calming ocean breezes, there is just something about this location that makes it simply unforgettable. Treat your buddy to an afternoon to remember by locking in a sunset session right here. Surrounded by his best mates, an esky full of drinks and an uninterrupted view, there’s nothing better!

Treat yourself or your best buddy to a bucks party to remember on the Gold Coast. The team at Wicked Bucks have planned literally hundreds of celebrations right here and have all the tips and tricks to ensure you have an unforgettable time. Reach out to the team today to start planning your party.

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Queensland Hens and Bucks Party FAQ

When should you have your hens or bucks party?

A hens or bucks party can be held at any time, however a couple of weeks before the wedding is common. It’s a great chance to escape from any wedding planning stress and to get excited for the big day.

Who pays for the hens or bucks party?

Typically guests pay for themselves. However, it is not unusual for the bridal couple to cover the costs.

Who should be invited to the hens or bucks party?

The guest list should be made up of the bridal party as well as good friends and family members who are also invited to the wedding. Typically the best man or maid of honour will host the party and should be inviting the guests. They will work with the bride or groom to finalise the guest list.

What is the point of a hens or bucks party?

It’s typically seen as a celebration of the last days of single life.

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Golf Bucks Day, Brisbane

Let’s face it – nothing beats a golf bucks day out on the greens with your mates. A, it’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. B, it’s totally acceptable to stand around and take the mickey out of your mates for their poor skills. C, no matter when you wrap up your rounds, you’re always right on time for a nice cold beer.

All of the above reasons are why we caught up with our friends at Wicked Bucks to chat about hosting a golf bucks day in Brisbane. With one of your best buddies finally sealing the deal with the partner of his dreams and preparing to walk down the aisle towards a completely new chapter of life, you can’t let him leave behind the days of being a bachelor without one last hurrah. While you can just round up your mates for a few bevvies at your local pub, the party planning crew have something a little more special in mind.

Simply put, a Brisbane golf bucks day is absolutely guaranteed to tick everyone’s boxes. We’re talking a bit of healthy competition, try out your swing, plenty of sunshine, a touch of exercise and the best part – beers. For anyone hosting a buck’s day in Brisbane, you really can’t go wrong with an event like this.

When you work with the team at Wicked Bucks, you earn the title of best-party-planner, without having to even lift a finger. Yep! You read that right! They will take care of all the organisation, planning and details, so that all you need to do is get the lads together and gear up for an epic golf day out on the greens.

If you’re still on the fence and can’t quite decide if a golf bucks day in Brisbane is for you, Wicked Bucks has pulled together five reasons why this activity should be at the very top of your wish list. If these reasons don’t convince you, we’re not quite sure what will!

Five Reasons to have a Golf Bucks Day in Brisbane

1. Enjoy Brisbane’s weather

When most people think of Brisbane, they usually imagine blue skies and balmy days – all year round. If that’s a familiar sounding image for you, it turns out you’re pretty on the money. In fact, Brisbane might just be Australia’s best kept secret when it comes to weather. Queensland’s capital showcases sundrenched day after sundrenched days, which means you’ve always got the perfect conditions for a day out on the greens.

Make a beeline to the premier Brisbane golfing destination and you’ll be in the best place to enjoy this delightful weather. While the sun is usually shining and you’re likely to head home with a tropical looking suntan, the region is also known for putting on the loveliest of breezes. The combination of warm weather and cooling breeze is the perfect setting for a golden afternoon with your nearest and dearest.

2. Challenge your mates to a bit of competition

While you’re probably too old to be showing off your skills at an athletics carnival or running laps around your mates on the playground (we hope!), you’ll never outgrow that inner-competitive streak. If you think you and your buddies get competitive when you’re playing video games, it sounds like things are about to heat up a whole lot more. The Wicked Bucks crew have helped dudes from all walks of life organise golf day parties to celebrate the final days of bachelor life, and they reckon it’s got to be one of the most competitive settings you’ll ever come across.

What better way to embrace it all then with a hit of golf? Whether you’re a bunch of weekly golfers or you’ve never picked up a golf club in your life, it promises to be an absolute hoot for everyone involved. Our top tip is to split the group into teams and go head-to-head against each other. While we might not be able to offer the shiny big trophies and prize money that comes with the pro-golf competition, the bragging rights of taking home this title are worth more than anything money can buy.

3. Enjoy the post-game beers

After an afternoon spent testing your skills, or lack of skills, on the greens, you will have well and truly earned yourself a cold bevvy. The beauty of tee-ing off at the Brisbane golf clubs is that you’ve got an impressive clubhouse to retreat to after the game. This is where the losing team can shout beers for everyone, and toasts to the winning team can be made by everyone. There is something extra satisfying about sipping on your favourite lager or the wine of your choice after a big day in the sun, and it only makes everything taste ten-times better.

4. Golf is the best type of exercise

Exercising probably isn’t the highest priority for most people heading away on a buck’s trip to Brisbane, but it’s always nice to keep your body moving. Unlike many other sports, golf won’t have you panting, puffing and turning as red as a beetroot when you try to keep up with everyone else. Instead, it’s a much more slow-paced and super enjoyable sport that will definitely boost your step count, without turning you into a complete sweaty mess. It’s got to be the best type of exercise we’ve ever come across.

5. It’s the ultimate sport to impress people

Watch any Hollywood movie and you’ll realise that golf is the quickest and easiest way to impress anyone. Looking for a pay rise? Wanting to show your father in-law you’ve got what it takes? Trying to one-up your best mate? Golf is always the answer. It’s one of those sports that just seems to ooze luxury, sophistication and class, which is why we think every guy should work on perfecting his swing. When you’re showing up against some of your buddies and enjoying a getaway for your mate’s buck’s party, you’ll have the extra motivation to take your skills to the next level too.

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Wicked Bucks Parties

Before your best mate takes the leap into married life, give him the party he deserves by getting Wicked Bucks professional party planners on board to help organise the whole event for you! They have searched the entire Gold Coast for the best of the best in luxury accommodation, thrilling activities, epic nightlife and saucy entertainment and have bundled this up into packages to suit all types of budgets.

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