Avoid the awkward sway with private dance lessons in a wedding dance studio.

Let’s Dance is a specialist in wedding dance and has provided beginner-level, first dance routines for thousands of wedding couples!

Each private wedding dance lesson is taught at your pace providing a routine to match your song. No experience necessary with free take-home instructor videos included plus free at-home phone support.

Let’s Dance considers your wedding dress, heals, floor size, floor surface plus the best time of night at the Reception when to wow your guests! Since 2006, Mark David has taught thousands of wedding dance couples, meaning experienced support for you.

No contracts. Casual pay-as-you-go.

“We are forever thankful to Mark for making our wedding dance so individual and special to us.”
— Alex Matthews

“Mark has made learning our wedding dance fun to do. My fiance and I spent many an hour laughing!”
— Kathryn Davis

Let's Dance Co
Let's Dance Co



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