Your Blueprint for Choosing the Ideal Destination Wedding Venue

How on earth do you uncover the rare gem that will deliver the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, when there are literally 1000s of wedding venue options to choose from?

At Botanica Weddings, we understand just how important that magical setting is, how the unique location and ambience of your venue underpins the whole wedding experience. Which is why we have developed the following blue print that you can apply to your shortlisted venues before deciding which one is indeed “the one”.

Your dream destination wedding venue must:

  1. Be in a breathtaking location, be it beach front, waterfront, cliff top or overlooking a dramatic jungle valley, somewhere special enough to warrant the investment of time and money you and your guests have had to make to get there.  
  2. Offer at least 6 stunning photo backdrops – after all your wedding album will be the most important keep sake from your day.  
  3. Feature different, private areas, away from onlookers, that are revealed one by one, to create a sense of journey throughout the day. Many venues offer one gobsmacking view, but remember a wedding lasts over 7 hours, and the view alone will not be enough to sustain the interest of your family and friends.  
  4. Provide amazing service, because as much as the beauty and appearance of the venue is vitally important, what you and your guests will remember most is how the team at that venue made you feel.  
  5. Have a good wet weather option included in the price. Having to hire a marquee at the last minute, with all the set up, pack down and decorating that entails, can cost in excess of $5,000. With dramatically changing weather patterns, you simply can’t take the risk that it won’t rain on your parade.

Our flagship venue, Villa Botanica, in the Whitsundays, created by Botanica co-founder Ralph Hogan, sets the benchmark for the ultimate wedding venue. We have applied what we have learnt from hosting hundreds of weddings there, to come up with our pick of the 1,600 or so Bali wedding venues currently on offer. To see which magic locations passed our test, go to http://botanicaweddings.com/wedding-venues/.

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