What better way to celebrate your Hen’s Night than with a PASH Bridal Party? So let’s tell you a little more about how PASH came about… we were looking for sexy, sensual products that would give us, pleasure. But all we found were sleazy shops and tacky products. Not terribly sexy or sensual!

PASH was born from the frustration of not being able to find the sexy, sensual products we wanted, in an environment we felt comfortable buying them in. So we decided to create our own range and a fun, informed environment in which to sell them in. An environment in which women could broaden their outlook on all things sensual and sexual.

So welcome to the world of PASH, where we aim to help YOU indulge all of your senses – after all, everyone needs a little PASH in their life!

PASH Hens Party Experience

Experience a night to remember for everyone! Filled with fun, games and plenty of surprises! Includes:

  • Fun, exciting and memorable experience for everyone
  • Classic hen’s party gift pack (for each guest)
  • Bride-to-be gift pack (relevant to the package chosen)
  • Party game prizes.

Packages available:

  • PASH Silver hen’s package
  • PASH Ruby hen’s package
  • PASH Diamond hen’s package
  • PASH Tiara hen’s package.

Packages based on a minimum of 10 guests – cost for each additional guest.

Don’t see what you like?

If you don’t want the package option then a small payment directly to the PASH Consultant is required. This includes a minimum of two hours of fun and excitement, a memorable experience for the hen, games and party game prizes for guests.

Pash Parties
Pash Parties

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