I LOVE TO LAUGH, HAVE FUN AND CREATE A MAGICAL WEDDING CEREMONY WITH YOU! Love story personal vows, fun, laughter, upbeat, relaxed, romantic, personal and powerful! I have unbounded enthusiasm, a fun loving personality and emotional intelligence and I am guided strongly by my intuition. I do what I love and love what I do!

Full-time Fun Bubbly Professional Celebrant for over 12 years performing 900+ ceremonies all unique, creative, fresh, romantic, upbeat, intimate, personal and powerful – 450+ reviews on my website, Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Your Love Story – I create an original wedding by weaving your stories together through your wedding ceremony to create an magical connection between you. Your love story creates the whole roller coaster of emotions from laughter and tears to surprise and amazement. Your wedding ceremony will have your family and friends so captivated, nobody will be waiting for the fun to start at the reception, as the fun has already started at the ceremony!

Personal Wedding Vows are the heart and soul of the wedding – I inspire and guide you to create personal vows from the heart to reflect your love and commitment to your partner and have fun to lightened up the ceremony and keep it personal modern and fresh. I provide amazing set of resources to help you create personal vows with the WOW factor which will make your fiance tear up. Be ready with a hanky!

Super Same-Sex Positive 12 years as Rainbow Pride Celebrant I have joined countless gorgeous LGBTQI couples in commitments and handfastings and now at last marriage! I am so excited to be able to marry all the couples who I have done commitments for and for all the happy couples who have waited so long for marriage equality!

Lifetime of experience in public speaking, creative writing, dramatic performance, choreography and direction, event management, communication, lecturing and training. I have organised and addressed events and public meetings for up to a thousand people.  I have performed as an actor in productions before crowds of eight hundred people and am very comfortable working with intimate or large groups from all walks of life. My experience as a writer and director in theatre allows me to choreograph the ceremony I write for your wedding to get the best photos and the most intimate connection between you and your family and friends and produce a seamless ceremony that has your guests totally intrigued. My work, travel and life experience has given me a raft of skills and knowledge. I have a vast general knowledge through study, research and reading and personal travel and experiences with different cultures and beliefs.

Marilyn Verschuure
Marilyn Verschuure


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