Pamela Mutsau is a calligraphy and art business founded by Pamela Davies — a passionate calligraphy and mixed media artist. She specialises in creating unique experiences through various styles of calligraphy. Traditional calligraphy is her style, as it adds a unique and elegant touch that captures the true emotion of the wedding day. Pamela is passionate about using art to connect with people.

Pamela Mutsau is a renowned wedding invitations and stationery artist offering exquisite calligraphy and art to couples throughout Australia. With a passion for creating unique designs, she specialises in providing high-quality, custom pieces that leave a lasting impression. From minimal illustrations to live calligraphy services, she offers a range of services to elevate your wedding experience.

She is known for her exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. With a passion for creating timeless, elegant designs, Pamela brings a touch of sophistication and personalisation to every aspect of your wedding.

From exquisitely crafted invitations to on-the-day stationery, Pamela’s services are tailored to create a cohesive wedding experience. Whether you desire classic beauty or modern minimalism, Pamela is committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering exceptional pieces that reflect your unique style and vision.

Pamela Mutsau
Pamela Mutsau


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