Full-Time Professionals – 38 years’ experience – over 8,500 shows
“You Just Can’t Beat that Sort of Experience” – Client 

We believe in quality, service and presentation with entertainment value in every performance. Dangerfield’s offer a full range of services designed to suit both your needs and your budget. We will assist you in planning your wedding – we want your wedding to be a success – it is our business.

We are a full-time professional concern – our livelihood depends upon being the best in a competitive business. All of our DJs are trained by us, initially in an intensive course (technical, practical and programming), then in ongoing DJ performance training and info on new releases and current trends in programming.

You can be sure of consistent quality from a Dangerfield’s DJ, from show to show, month to month, year in year out, and despite our longevity (38 years), we do not allow ourselves to become “stale”. We are constantly seeking to upgrade our services with the latest technology and styles of music and staff presentation. We work so much that we can’t help but have our “Finger On The Pulse”.

We invest in quality professional equipment in systems that we custom build for reliability and superior sound. We have an extra back-up console and operator on call should any situation arise and our equipment is designed to be more reliable in the first place.

Dj Dangerfield
Dj Dangerfield

We have estimated 30,000 titles in our library (plus 100,000’s on the internet). With great depth of variety, accumulated over 30 years. There are six active collections, as well as our library, which range through Classical, Jazz, 40’s Swing, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the latest Top 40, Alterative/JJJ and Dance, plus supplementary discs for special styles of music and requests. All of our DJs will do their best to play your guest’s requests through the night.

For a wedding, we can offer Piano Bar and Jazz (even String Quartet) for pre-drinks and dinner, which we progressively brighten through to party ‘toe-tappers’ at dessert and then a main dance programme with a wide variety of 60/70/80/90’s (all genres), romantic tunes/waltzes, old school favourites, right through to current Top 40 customised to the crowd – we discuss your requirements comprehensively when you book.

Our vast experience in programming a variety of music is well known and is fundamental to the success of your function. We encourage you to call us to discuss your particular requirements or arrange an appointment to choose from our extensive range.

Remember: All DJs are not the same – we believe in quality, service and presentation – book a professional.

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