Queensland’s professional jewellers since 1982. Unique and exclusive styles with over 110 different Men’s wedding ring designs, 400 Ladies wedding rings and 280 engagement rings! Mix and match our designs with your ideas and/or add your own to create your own personal design.

Wedding rings symbolise a shared love, the promise and the start of life time together. Ringleaders are one of the last few real jewellers, we don’t buy from or have our custom jewellery made in overseas factories, only by jewellers in our on-site workshop.

Relax on our comfy lounges, take your time and try on to see what really suits you! With many professional staff qualified in Lapidary, Gemmology and Jewellers. See beyond the surface of the 4C’s to understand the real picture of truly exceptional diamonds and avoid the pitfalls that look great on paper, with our expert diamond training.

Ringleaders has created some of the most inspired jewellery. Many of these creations have been acknowledged by recognised jewellery industry National and International Awards, accolades which have made Ringleaders, Queensland’s most awarded jeweller.

Ringleaders are a local family owned company who believes in and supports local and Australian owned companies, Australian made products and supplies.



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