Relive your beautiful day through expertly crafted wedding films that capture not just the big moments but also the spontaneous interactions. With 9+ years of experience, MT Productions ensures every angle is covered, offering packages that include live streaming, pre-wedding montages, speeches, and social media sneak peeks. From bronze to platinum, find the perfect package to suit your vision.

MT Productions, servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, is your premium choice for capturing the heart of your wedding day through videography.

With a distinct cinematic approach, the team strives to create a visual masterpiece that tells your unique love story. From the grand “I do” moment to the intimate glances shared between you and your partner, every emotion is preserved in exquisite detail. With over nine years of experience, MT Productions understands the significance of every fleeting moment and ensures that no memory is left unrecorded. Their expert crew, composed of a minimum of 2 camera operators, ensures that every angle and perspective is covered.

They offer couples a diverse range of packages designed to suit various needs and preferences. The Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages offer varying levels of coverage, allowing you to choose the one that perfectly aligns with your vision. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive coverage from preparations to reception or seeking to document specific aspects of your wedding, MT Productions has you covered.

Additionally, they offer extra features like live streaming, pre-wedding montages, and social media sneak peeks to enhance your experience and surprise your loved ones. You can also design a custom package to further suit your needs.

MT Productions
MT Productions



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